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BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH offers research, development, demonstration and other services in the field of biomass to energy to its customers. Part of its activities are executed as K1 centre of excellence, where the centre focusses on pre-competitive, industry related research funded through the COMET programme.

We invite you to contact our office                                                            under office@bioenergy2020.eu                                                                                                         or a member of our personnel directly from this website.

Our brochure can be downloaded here.

Bioenergy policies and status of implementation

Countries across the globe show great variation in their specific drivers for bioenergy and their capability of producing biomass. To introduce bioenergy globally, we must understand the specific characteristic of each country. Successful market introduction of bioenergy is based on strong policies adapted to the local situation that turn low carbon energy provision into a business case.

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