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Steam gasification of challenging fuels in the dual fluidized bed gasifier

Published 2013

Citation: Wilk V, Hofbauer H. Steam gasification of challenging fuels in the dual fluidized bed gasifier, 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition 2013, 3rd-7th of June 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark.


In order to enlarge the range of feedstock for the dual fluidized bed (DFB) gasification process, the influence of several fuel properties was studied in the 100 kW DFB pilot plant. Fuels with high concentration of nitrogen and sulfur, fuels with an increased concentration of fine particles, and fuels with extremely high content of volatiles were tested. The DFB gasification system is found to be robust and can handle all the materials. Nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine from the fuel are predominantly converted in the gasification reactor, either to gases (nitrogen, sulfur) or bound to ash (chlorine, sulfur). For the performance of the DFB gasifier, sufficient contact of fuel, product gas and bed material is important. Increasing amounts of fine particles or volatiles in the fuels lead to higher tar loads in the product gas, because the residence time of fuel particles in bubbling fluidized bed is shorter.

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