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Optimierung des Emissionsverhaltens eines Ofens mittels primären und sekundären Maßnahmen am Beispiel des Scheitholzofens

Published 2013

Citation: Rieger, B. Optimierung des Emissionsverhaltens eines Ofens mittels primären und sekundären Maßnahmen am Beispiel des Scheitholzofens, Master Thesis, Fachochschule Technikum Wien, Vienna, Austria, 2013.


The use of biomass in manually charged room heating appliances to cover the domestic heating demand has traditionally been of a high percentage in the European Union. As a result of continued or even increased use of firewood stoves, the enhancement of available stoves is a declared objective of the European Union.
Therefore, an example-optimization of the firewood stove Stûv 16/78-in (available on the European market) was performed in preparation of this paper. There was a primary- and a secondary optimization carried out to quantify the potential of optimization. When optimizing, the gas and particulate emissions was considered. The operating behavior were measured and evaluated by performing combustion experiments on a specially designed test rig.
The primary optimization is divided into five sub-steps. Each Step was quantified by gas analysis. The achieved reduction of particulate emissions was measured before and after the entire primary optimization.
In comparison to the delivery condition it was possible to reduce the CO emissions to one quarter and the particulate emissions from 100 mg / mn³ to 39 mg / mn³ over the course of the primary optimization.
As a secondary optimization, a Catalyst was implemented. The used catalyst is a solid-state catalyst in the modification of a heterogeneous supported catalyst in the shape of honeycomb, which is marketed by Clariant International Ltd. under the name "EnviCat ® Longlife Plus". The catalytically active materials platinum and palladium are used.
After a strictly implemented primary optimizations, a further reduction to half of emissions was achieved by the integration of the catalyst even though a bypass of 20 % had to be integrated to ensure the operating safety.

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