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Leak air in a double-wall chimney system

Lichtenegger K, Hebenstreit B, Pointner C.

Published 2013

Citation: Lichtenegger K, Hebenstreit B, Pointner C. Leak air in a double-wall chimney system. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2013;410:012059. (peer reviewed)


Operating biomass stoves in modern buildings with tight shells often requires a room-independent air supply. One possibility to arrange this supply is to use a double-wall chimney with fresh air entering through the annular gap. For this setup, a mathematical model has been developed and checked with experimental data. It turned out that for commercially available chimneys, leakage is not negligible and inclusion of leak air in the calculation is crucial for reproduction of the experimental data. Even with inclusion of this effect, discrepancies remain which call for further investigations and a refinement of the model.

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