BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH offers research, development, demonstration and other services in the field of biomass to energy to its customers. Part of its activities are executed as K1 centre of excellence, where the centre focusses on pre-competitive, industry related research funded through the COMET programme.

The centre's research activities cover all relevant technologies for the efficient and environmentally friendly provision of fuels, heat and power from biomass. In addition, the centre also researches options for the industrial, non-energy use of biomass, e.g. the production of primary products for the chmicals industry.


Organisational Structure

BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH is organised in four areas that represent different spheres of competence:

The head office of the Competence Centre is located in Graz in addition to a branch office for special research activities established in Güssing and Wieselburg. Further research sites are located in Pinkafeld and Tulln due to proximity to our partners.



Gesellschafter19 % Association of Company Partners
17 % Graz University of Technology
13.5 % Vienna University of Technology
13.5 % University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
13.5 % University of Applied Sciences Burgenland Corporation
13.5 % Republic of Austria, FJ/BLT Wieselburg
10 % Joanneum Research Corporation






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