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Bi-directional integration of buildings with heat production capacities in heating grids 2+

Heat grids are an excellent way to integrate renewable energy sources into a universal heat supply system and thus reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts. At the moment, however, many locally available heat sources remain unused. In...

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Model Based Control of Fluidized Bed Biomass Steam Gasification

Plants based on dual fluidized bed (DFB) gasification are a season- and weather-independent, sustainable and decentralized option to provide electricity, heat and gas. These DFB plants are on the verge of profitability due to high prices for raw...

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MoREIntegrALBiomass - Model-based control and electrostatic precipitator integration for low-emission combustion of alternative biomass fuels

In today's biomass furnaces, problematic biomass fuels such as agricultural fuels (e.g. straw), waste wood, energy grasses as well as residues from the agricultural industry (cores, shells etc.) remain unused in many cases or can only be used in...

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