Film documentaries about BIOENERGY 2020+

About BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH and specifically some FP7 projects a series of short films was created on location in Wieselburg, that give an insight into the work of the center

Note: All videos are available in German version on the German news-site

For more than 10 years BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH is conducting worldwide acknowledged top level research in the field of bioenergy. At the location Wieselburg 50 highly qualified researchers are working on the development of clean, safe and affordable biomass combustion units and innovative biofuels

Project AshMelT
The project AshMelT supports the development of a practical and reliable test for the determination of the ash melting point of biomass fuels, especially wood pellets, to increase the reliability and usability of pellet furnaces.

For further information visit the project homepage

Project BioCAT
The project BioCAT (Clean Air Technology for Biomass Combustion Systems) is focussing on the Development of a new generation of biomass room heaters with significantly reduced emissions and high performance. Therefore catalysts are integrated into the heating system.

For further information visit the project homepage

Project BioMaxEff
BioMaxEff is a project to develop cost-effective biomass boilers with maximum efficiency and lowest annual emission. The project is carried out by BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH in cooperation with numerous partners.

For further information visit the project homepage

Small scale Pelletising
At BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH in Wieselburg pellets can be produced from different raw materials using a laboratory pellet press, especially to produce defined test fuels for on-site combustion tests.

Clay Stove for developing countries

The stove meets the following specific requirements:

  •  Kitchen stove made of clay bricks for heating with wood, dung or dried corncobs
  •  2 - 3 burners
  •  Heat storage function
  •  Warm water for domestic use all day
  •  Possibility of baking bread
  •  Possibility of heating an iron
  •  Low effort for local artisans (1 week)
  •  Low material cost, economical use of iron parts

The prototype was developed in Austria has a simple design and a high functionality.
More information on the website of stove-fitter Richard Jussel


Contact persons at BIOENERGY 2020+ in Wieselburg
Manfred Wörgetter (for questions regarding the location Wieselburg)
Christoph Schmidl (about BioCAT)
Walter Haslinger (about BioMaxEff)
Manuel Schwabl (about AshMelT)
Erwin Rotheneder (about the clay stove)

All videos produced by Moviemedia Film + Mediaproduktion


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