Market Development Renewable Energy 2013

Renewable Energy Statistics Austria 2013 released

The energetic utilisation of solid biomass has a long tradition in Austria and is still a very important factor within the renewable energy sector. The consumption of final energy from sold biofuels increased from 142 PJ for 2007 to 179 PJ for 2013. The pellet production in Austria was around 14.9 PJ (880,000 t) in 2012.
Fuels from solid biomass contribute to a CO2 reduction of almost 10 million tons for 2013. The whole sector of solid biofuels accounted a total turnover of 1.334 billion Euros and 13,060 jobs.

Marktstatistik 2013-Abb1_1
Figure 1: Market development of different biomass fuel types from 2007 to 2013 in Austria
Source: BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH

Solid biomass – boilers and stoves

In 2012 the market for pellet boilers reached a historic high of sales with an 15 % increase in Austria. 2013 the biomass boiler sales declined: The sales figures of pellet boilers decreased by 14%, the sales of wood log boilers decreased even by over 16 %.
In 2013, on the Austrian market 10,281 pellet boilers, 5,754 wood log boilers and 3,477 wood chip boilers were sold, concerning the whole range of power. Furthermore 2,454 pellet stoves, 7,411 cooking stoves and 14,923 wood log stoves were sold. Austrian biomass boiler manufactures typically export approximately 75 % of their production.

Marktstatistik 2013-Abb1_2
Figure 2: Market development of biomass boilers from 1994 to 2013 in Austria.
Source: Landwirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich (2014)

The full report (German with English abstracts) can be found on or using the link:
Renewable Energy Statistics Austria 2013 (pdf, 3.9 MB)

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