Informational Video about Wood Pellets

Within the framework of the FP7 project SafePellets a short informational video was created that describes the good properties of wood pellets and the safe use of this fuel.

Note: This video is also available in German on our German site.

Wood pellets are a renewable and hence CO2-neutral fuel. They are very compact and can be easily stored and delivered. This short video explains in particular the few necessary precautions in dealing with pellet storages.


Project SafePellets
The video was created as part of the FP7 project SafePellets, which was carried out by 15 European project partners and coordinated by BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH.

Camera and editing: Andreas Haider
Sound: Patrick Topitschnig, Ulrich Kühn
Speaker: Nathalie Lowey-Ball
Music: Kavi Jezzie Hockaday– Dancing Buddha of Love – Provided by Jamendo


Contact at BIOENERGY 2020+
Waltraud Emhofer


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